Why Should You TESOL?

A TESOL certification opens a lot of doors. A TESOL certificate + You = limitless potential and possibilities to work and travel all over the world! Many people have earned their certification for lots of different reasons. Here is what some people have to say about why they chose to TESOL:

People who are looking for a change in their lives can TESOL.

“I worked in a university for over 10 years, and have a PhD from 10 years ago. I became bored with my job, and didn’t like the city where I was living. I wasn’t very attracted to other university jobs similar to the one I had already had. So I did the TESOL and am now working at a University in China. The culture shock is huge, but the Chinese people are actually really fantastic. They have a great spirit and that makes this rewarding.”

- Jeffrey Scott

“I love to travel, and hope to begin an extended international trip soon. I would have to find a way to fund continued travel though, and thought that TESOL was a wonderful idea because I am fascinated by foreign languages, I love helping others, and I feel that the best travel experiences happen when immersed in another culture. I have always felt this way, but timing seems perfect now because I just got out of a five year relationship with the man I thought I was going to marry. I had my life all planned out, and suddenly I’m left with nothing but freedom and limitless possibilities. Can you hear opportunity knocking? I can.”

- Jennifer Malawey

Recently broke up with your boyfriend? Get away from that jerk.

“I went through a big breakup, and so was ready for a change, to do something different and something that I have wanted to do for a long time.”

- Leah

“I recently got out of a relationship with my boyfriend of three years. We have been broken up before and I decided this would be a good way to start fresh, do something adventurous and prevent myself from getting back together with him.”

- Rebecca Carmody

Or pay off your student loans!

“My brother was a TESOLer and he paid off all of his student loans. I have a lot of debt and need to do the same thing.”

- Catherine Shields

It’s no secret the economy isn’t doing well. The unemployment rate in North America is very high. Earning your TESOL certification leads to a great way get a job while having fantastic new experiences. It will also look great on your resume when (or if) you decide to go back home!

“Honestly the job market in the US stinks. Also at my age I have experienced blatant age discrimination in the IT and Accounting worlds. Not worth the effort anymore.”

- Steven C. Grigsby

“I lost my job in May and had no prospects here in the US (our economy kinda sucks right now), so I decided to get TESOL certified to help get a job overseas. Not only will this be a once in a life time experience but it will really build my resume for when I get back.”

- Rachel Matthews

It’s a fabulous excuse to travel and it will fund your traveling!

“I want an excuse to travel and to learn while I do it (I plan on learning the local language). It will also fill my wanderlust that pulls me around the world, and hopefully make me more qualified for jobs when I return.”

- Elizabeth Schmidt

“I’ve always loved travelling, but there’s no way I can afford it on my own. I can, however, work my way there and enjoy a new culture while I’m at it. I loved staying with host families while I was travelling in the past, so I’m looking forward to the new experiences!”

- Amanda Ferry

Make more money!

“I had already had two years of experience teaching English overseas by the time I decided to get experienced, but when I realized how much more money my co-workers with a TESOL certificate were making for doing the exact same thing as me, I decided to get certified.”

- Heidi Strueby

People who hate their jobs and love teaching should get TESOL certified.

“I am a nurse and though I enjoyed my work, I was frustrated with the general attitude at home. While taking a break and living in Mexico, I started teaching English because I needed an income. I learned that I loved it, and upon a return to the USA I became TESOL certified in order to ensure that I could continue on this new adventure of teaching and traveling. I hope to have many more opportunities in the future to allow teaching to continue to open doors for travel. Also, I just love being in the classroom and have enjoyed every minute of being an English teacher!”

- Nancy Fiator

Retired people who are interested in using their time for something worthwhile can get TESOL certified.

“I became unhappy and frustrated with life in the United States. Taxes going up, property values going down, increasing crime rate, etc…As a 69 year old woman with no encumbrances, I decided it was time for me to travel. Ecuador looked like a good base as I had not visited most of the countries in South America before; this would give me a chance to do so, while living there…But I thought I might get bored, as I love being busy and in the throes of what is happening. I learned Spanish, and decided I needed to add more education to my existing Master’s degrees in Education and in Psychology. After researching the various companies offering TESOL training online, I chose i-to-i. Am I happy with it? Yes…All in all, i-to-i has made me work harder than I thought it would be, and I still have three more certificates to go. I can say this for the company. When I receive all of my certificates, I will be more than prepared to use them anywhere. i-to-i does not allow poor performance; it demands that you know the subject matter.”

- Nancee E. Petersen

People who didn’t study abroad during university and want to travel can TESOL. Before you get saddled with a spouse, kids and a mortgage – see the world!

“I didn’t study abroad in college and I regretted it. About to graduate, I realized I didn’t want to settle down permanently right away and I still had some exploring to do. I thought this would be the perfect time to live and teach abroad.”

- Raquel Romero

People who just really want a meaningful experience choose to teach English abroad.

“The joys and the dream of traveling and exploring, and accomplishing something great by educating and helping others. It is something I know I can do and I know I would love doing. Trying different food and culture is a plus too!! Focusing my energy on something other than myself and my dead end job is what I want more than anything else right now and it’s for a good cause.”

- Naomi S. Abrams

Or, become completely immersed in a new country, and become a local yourself.

“I want to travel in a way that I experience the culture of a place. I believe teaching would be a way to make money to live somewhere long enough, and also make connections into a community to facilitate becoming a part of it.”

- Chris DeHaan

Why did you decide to TESOL?

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