TESOL Jobs in Mexico

An Introduction to Teaching English in Mexico

Mexico has close ties to its neighbors to the north and therefore plenty of demand for English teachers throughout the country. It’s also one of the most pleasant places to live on Earth! Teaching English in Mexico, especially for Spanish speakers, is a dream combination of meaningful employment, great locations, tasty food and wonderful sunny weather. Who wouldn’t want to teach here?

Opportunities to Teach English in Mexico

The bulk of English teaching jobs in Mexico are at universities or private language schools. However, there are also jobs available in bilingual schools that are especially popular in Mexico. Generally, a college degree and a respected TESOL certificate, such as our 120 Combined Course, are required to find a job in Mexico.

TESOL Job Options in Mexico

From mega Mexico City to small villages throughout Mexico, English is the language to learn for both family and career reasons. You’ll find opportunities to teach all ages just about anywhere you travel.

TESOL Jobs in Mexico

Our top two choices for Mexico feature both sides of the coin: Mexico City with its hustle and bustle and the more laid-back Puerto Vallarta.

TESOL Jobs in Puerto Vallarta

The thriving tourist industry in Puerto Vallarta as well as throughout the region requires English for anyone working in the industry. As such, there are a number of private language schools offering TESOL employment opportunities.

TESOL Jobs in Mexico City

Mexico City is huge and unlike any other city on Earth. Its close business ties to North America also ensure an ongoing need for English teachers. You might find the city a bit overwhelming at times, but it certainly offers the most opportunity for aspiring TESOL teachers.

Wages and Cost of Living

Earnings are on the low end in Mexico. Private lessons start at about $5 an hour with full time teachers earning up to $1,000 a month. However, living costs are also quite low and your memories of friendly people, wonderful beaches and mysterious past cultures will last a lifetime.